A place for worship

St. Simeon's church offers a complete set of liturgical prayer and sacramental services according to the Byzantine tradition in the Catholic faith. Everyone is welcome, both English and Arabic speaking members, Catholics and non-Catholics alike to partake in the prayer services and the parish life.

group shot with bishop Ibrahim

Byzantine Greek Melkite Catholic Rite

Our services are celebrated in Arabic and English according to the Byzantine Greek Melkite tradition, in full communion with the Catholic church.

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Children group

MIDADE is "Mouvement International D’Apostolat Des Enfants" or in English IMAC for "International Movement of Apostolate of Children". The movement is to allow children to organize and act to defend their rights. In this way, contribute to building a world of justice and peace.

St. Simeon Stylites Melkite Youth

Late teens and young adults group

A group of young men and women coming together in Christ organizing activities ranging from spiritual, cultural, to community mobilization.

Yasmene Dabke Group

Middle Eastern cultural dance group

Inspired by the Middle-Eastern tradition, the dabkee dance group is full of energy showcasing the best of the Middle-Eastern culture at banquets and cultural events.


Byzantine music

Packed with the Byzantine tradition, true to the 8 traditional tones, the choir raises its voice united in prayer.