Please contact your local youth leader for more information/help for payment methods.

ATTENTION: This page is only for those that registered before the end of the day, August 10, 2019 - but did not pay their fees. Not paying fees on time, will automatically erase your CMYC registration form and you will have to contact a youth leader in your local parish/city.

Step 2: Payment Process

There are 3 methods for payment of your CMYC 2019 Pass using either by:

1) Pay-Pal (accept all major credit cards + 3% fee)

Fee Schedule (Late Registration)


2) e-Transfer

- For payment by e-Transfer, please direct all payments to
- In the Message section add: your Full Name
- For the Question section add: Where are you going?
- For the Answer section add: CMYC2019 (all upper-case letters)

For assistance on processing an e-Transfer, take a look at this helpful video: INTERAC e-Transfer Send Money for Consumers.

3) Cheque

- For payment by Cheque, please direct payments payable to Saint Simeon Stylites Melkite Catholic Church (MEMO: CMYC Registration).
- Please make sure that the cheque is received by July 31st, 2019.

For assistance on processing a cheque payment, please contact a leader from Windsor (located below in the contact information).

For Payment Amounts:

4-Person-In-A-Room CMYC Pass - $380
3-Person-In-A-Room CMYC Pass - $400
2-Person-In-A-Room CMYC Pass - $433
1-Person-In-A-Room CMYC Pass - $533

Once we receive both your registration and payment, we will send you a confirmation email.

Local Contact Information

Montreal - St-Sauveur: 
Sally Yacoub (514)-299-9394
George Allou (514)-464-4075
Georges Andraos (514)-898-8490
Joseph Naddaf (514)-293-5113
Manuella Kendarji (438)-394-5852
Mariana Al Nassar (438)-483-8290
Naim Sayes (514)-804-7655

Toronto - Jesus the King: 
Tarek Marroushi (416)-508-4307
Anaam Jaet (647)-281-0535
Hussam Daoud (613)-600-7979

Laval (Montreal) - St-Elie: 
Fairouz Hanna (514)-616-2616

West Island (Montreal) - Notre Dame de L'Annonciation: 
Dina Mahfouz (514)-515-8739
Jocelyne Bazergui (514)-659-2897

Vancouver - St-Georges: 
Nicolas Haddad (604)-360-7327
Stephanie Tarazi (604)-837-7338
Cynthia Baroud (604)-615-7007

Ottawa - Sts Peter and Paul: 
Reine Chaar (613)-240-2955
Karen Soueidan Ayoub (613)-698-9898

Calgary - St-Basil: 
Fadi Khourieh (403)-813-9949

Windsor - St-Simeon Stylites: 
Lina Khoury (519)-890-4247
Samar Abou Haidar (226)-340-2342
Joseph El-Ghaname (519)-981-1172