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We are the Soldiers of Christ!

We are very excited about hosting CMYC 2019 - it's going to be a good one! Through Father Gerard's inspiration, we are ready to offer our best to gather around the Word of God.


We are the Soldiers of Christ (جنود المسيح). We are the Melkite Youth of Windsor, comprised of a multi-national group of committed and faithful individuals. Inspired by Father Gerard, we have followed his path to guide the youth of our generation on prioritizing God in their lives.

With this vision, we will make CMYC more spiritual, interactive, and fun than ever!

You spoke, we listeneD

Spiritual Sessions
Social Events
Religious Workshops
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When we first had the thought of hosting CMYC, it seemed like quite the task.
But now, we have prepared for a different kind of CMYC!
We have been inspired to innovate and create the best Melkite convention!
We will be hosting CMYC 2019 with the best speakers, events, and activities! 


we are the Soldiers of christ

A Word From Our Leaders

  • This conference presents you with a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow young leaders. You are bound not only by a common faith, but by a desire to make the world a better place. By working together on common goals and confronting shared issues, I am certain that you will leave this event with a renewed sense of optimism in the change you can create together.

    Justin Trudeau
    Prime Minister of Canada
  • It has become more and more apparent that our Church needs more Christian Leaders than followers. Do not be second-class believers, but have the courage to be yourselves and to stay First Class Melkite Faithful.

    Pope Francis
    Pope of the Catholic Church
  • This convention offers a unique chance for attendees to strengthen their faith, develop beneficial networks and cultivate their leadership potential. I am confident that the young people who have gathered for this special event will benefit greatly from the inspirational speakers and other activities planned for them.

    Kathleen Wynne
    Former Premier of Ontario

CMYC 2019 will be held on August 30th till September 2nd 2019 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada!

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